Globally available variables and functions

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AllocationInterval (uint256): Block Target Time. It is an integer-type unit of seconds, and when the Block Target Time of the Network is changed, this value will also change.
creationEpoch (uint256): Time the contract was created (Unix timestamp: Epoch)
deciamls (uint8): Decimal places.
FormationNumber (uint256): Number of elements in 'numberAssignedUsersEntropy.length'. That is the length of the Entropy Chain. The reveal process is generate at 'FormationNumber +1'
InitToken (uint256): Initial annual token supply. It is calculated based on the epoch. In addition, the supply continues to decrease by 0.1% per year.
Assigned_EntropyChain_length (uint256): 'numberAssignedUsersEntropy_length' and 'FormationNumber' are the same and Tx of 'EntroRegister' becomes +1, and entropy is drawn lots from 'EntroRegister' and mixed with the entropy of 'RecentRevealEntropyNumber'. The EntropyRegister that started these processes is not included in the Entropychain. In other words, the latest transaction that generated entropy seed cannot be combined with EntropyRegister. When the Entropy of the Contract is Revealed, the 'FormationNumber' element is deleted, and the 'numberAssignedUsersEntropy' element is added, so the two values always match. However, if the contract has just been created or the value of 'FormationNumber' increases, revealEntropy will not occur until 'FormationNumber' is filled. So 'numberAssignedUsersEntropy_length' is useful when comparing length with 'FormationNumber'.
numberLatestUsersEntropy (uint256): The total number of entropy sent by the user. Matches the array number in 'Array_EntropyChain'
RecentRevealEntropyNumber (uint256): A sequence number that has not been settled(revealed) yet. In other words, it is the entropy registry number for which it turns will be assigned a secure entropy. The actual user number be -1 from this variable. The value drawn from 'Assigned_EntropyChain' is combined with 'RecentRevealEntropyNumber - 1' to become contract reveal entropy.
rewardsPerBlock (uint256): Token reward per block matching wei units.
totalSupply (uint256): Token Max Supply
upcomingRevealBlockNo (uint256): Even if 'FormationNumber' is filled, Reveal occurs only when a transaction occurs in a future block that is ahead of the block number of the Entropy Register to be Revealed by 'upcomingRevealBlockNo' + 1 blockNumber.
Array_EntropyChain (uint256): Call by element number(0 initialized, users, can call it from 1.). You can call up to the numbers assigned to numberLatestUsersEntropy. It consists of bytes32 entropyByUsers, uint256 entropyByBlockNumber, address SourceAddress, uint256 leftgas(gasleft()). Stores all Entropy Registry in order. Therefore, it is essential to the Entropy Chain, but it is not the Entropy Chain itself.
Assigned_EntropyChain (uint256): Commonly referred to as Entropy Chain. Refer to Entropy Chain and jumbling chain It is called from 0 and can be called up to FormationNumber -1.
Keccak256Test (bytes32, bytes32): Hash the two values with Keccak256. This is a test function.
medianAvg_mod (uint256): Store all draw lots values used in EntroBeam Phase 1. Stats that the EntroBeam Dev Team will find helpful in the Phase 2 upgrade.
minMaxAvr (uint256): Store all draw lots values used in EntroBeam Phase 1. Stats that the EntroBeam Dev Team will find helpful in the Phase 2 upgrade.
struct_accountTxCount_ID (address): Check how many times the source account address has been entropy mining.
struct_block_ID (uint256): Call by Block Number. Check how many TXs (EntropyByUsers) have been performed in the corresponding block.
struct_EntropyRegister_ID (bytes32): It stores the user's entropy seed. Refer to Entropy registry.

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EntropyByUsers (bytes32): This is the most important function for users. Send by users specifying an arbitrarily 256-bit hexadecimal string(Entropy Seed by users). Duplicate values are reverted and must contain 0x.
DonationWithdraw (address, uint256) only owner function: This contract has no fund distribution function other than the distribution of EntroBeam tokens, which are rewarded to users who create transactions on EntroBeam's EntroRegister and EntroChain. Users do not need and have no reason to transfer funds to this contract under any circumstances. Nevertheless, if the user sends funds to the contract, the funds are treated as donations. Thus, this function performs the function of withdrawing donations. In any case, EIX cannot be withdrawn even by the owner.

All other functions and variables you may be interested in have detailed comments in the source code. Functions and variables not in the source code are unique to OpenZeppelin upgradeable ERC20(UUPS)@4.3.0.
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