Direct Transaction

EntroBeam Contract -> Contract Tab -> Write Contract Tab -> Go to EntropyByUsers.
Just send an arbitrary 256-bit hexadecimal string to EntropyByUsers. You can also use the SHA256 Hashing value. Duplicate values are not allowed.
The basic way to use this contract is to send a transaction to an arbitrary 256bit hex string Entropy Seeds including '0x' to the 'EntropyByUsers' function; it is stored in 'struct_EntropyRegister'. And when revealed(When mixed with the entropy seed of other users with the Entropy Chain, it is called reveal(settle) or Secure Entropy. The token reward will be sent at this time. Contract's secure entropy will be registered in 'struct_EntropyRegister.revealEntropy'. Refer to Entropy Registry for how to look up struct_EntropyRegister.
Continuous or indiscriminate transactions that do not consider gas fees and reservation transactions are reverted as out of gas. In addition, if one account generates multiple transactions in one block, it may be a revert transaction.

EntroBeam Contract -> Contract Tab -> Read Contract Tab -> Go to struct_EntropyRegister_ID
You can check the status by querying the seed you sent. If revealEntropy is filled with zeros, it means that your entropy has not yet received the security entropy. Refer to Entropy Registry for details.
Alternatively, you can check Array_EntropyChain. However, it has no secure entropy property. Refer to Globally available variables and functions for details.

There are two typical methods for users to check the safety entropy: referencing struct_EntropyRegister and event log.
1 - EntroBeam Contract -> Contract Tab -> Write Contract Tab -> struct_EntropyRegister -> Input the 256bit hex string sent by the user. -> Check the revealEntropy Attribute -> If it's only filled with zeros, it's not yet the turn for your secure entropy. Secure Entropy is created only when more than FormationNumber(currently 10) transactions occur after your EntropyByUsers transaction.(Duplicate account addresses are allowed, but duplicate seeds are not allowed.) Refer to the figure of the EIX Token.
2 - You can check it in your Inbound Transaction. Go to Event tap. You can check Secure Entropy in Contract_Reveal_Entropy And you can also check the number of tokens received as a reward in amount. Assigned_EntropyChain_number indicates which element of the entropy chain was mixed with your seed. The first number is the element number in the Entropy Chain, and the second number is the seed number you sent from the Entropy Registry.
It is also possible to inherit the contract and use it in various ways. You can explore and utilize various EntroBeam features. See Globally available variables and functions for detailed application instructions.
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