Getting started
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There are three main ways to use EntroBeam.
There are no differences in the main algorithm to get the secure entropy with whichever method you use. You can choose and use it according to your preference. EIX may update the usage instructions for better functionality, and additional features are continuously released.
  • Please keep in mind that there is no set way to use EntroBeam. You are free to change, add, or manipulate in any way you want without being bound by Getting started. EntroBeam was designed from the ground up to be flexible.
The test contract has selfdestruct function applied. It can be deprecated at any time. The main contract does not have any selfdestruct or delegatecall functions.
First, remember that sending a 256-bit entropy seed to EntropyByUsers and storing the entropy seed in Entropy Registry means the same thing. So, of course, Entropy Mining has the same meaning.
Reveal, Settle, and Secure Entropy all mean the same thing.
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